Get valuable insights about your foot care.

With our Doctor we will be able to give you valuable insights about your foot care. He can take a look at both your feet and see how they are doing. In conjunction with the doctor our nurses will also talk to you about any foot-care tips or recommendations we might have.

our clinic in your pocket.

Don’t waste your time on long commutes. With Calgary Foot Care Nurses mobile service, you get the same high-quality care from our nurses from the comfort of your own home. A visit from one of our foot care nurses is quick, easy, and efficient.

Solving your foot care ailments.

Diabetics, those with neuropathy, and those who suffer from peripheral vascular disease can experience painful foot problems. Our doctor will be able to give you valuable insights about your foot care and which treatments will work best for you.

Get specialized diabetic foot care.

Neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes, but it’s not an inevitable one. If you’re a diabetic, our team is specifically trained to assess the nerve damage in your feet. We’re here to help you keep your feet and legs healthy, so you can experience all that life has to offer.

Indoor shot of professional female doctor supplies medic care assistance, poses at desktop with laptop, prepares document agreement paper offer, wears optical glasses and white medical gown.


How many appointments can we book & how often should we be having medical footcare/check-ups done?

We have patients with recurring appointments all year. We usually book the following 2 appointments, but you are free to book more if you would like. We also suggest Foot Care done every 6-8 weeks apart.

What are the prices for Foot Care, is there a charge to see the Doctor?

Please contact our clinic at 825-540-5888 for our prices. The doctor is covered by Alberta Health care.

Can we get our medical foot care done at the same time as we see Dr. Nesbitt?

Yes, Dr. Nesbitt is working on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you will have your medical Foot Care done by one of the wonderful nurses and have a check-up done by the doctor.

Do you know anything about nail Fungus?

Through regular foot care we clean up fungus and through check-up with the doctor we can promptly take care of the fungus for you.

Do you remove ingrown nails, calluses, and corn’s?

We clean up ingrown nails, remove callus and corn if needed. The doctor can also remove ingrown if required through a procedure at the clinic.

Do you have mobile services?

Yes, we come to your residents, and we do foot and leg assessments with our medical footcare. We also have clinic services.